Kids packages for 5 or more children

You pick the activities you want to do, or you can use our examples.

Packages can take anywhere from one hour and two hours to complete.

To qualify for our Kids Party Rate you must have a minimum of 5 kids and book in advance.  Adults are not included in the kids party rates.

Grand Prix is an outdoor Amusement Park.  We will take a booking over the phone, but we ask that you have a backup plan or a raindate just incase of bad weather.  We would call you first if we couldn't open due to weather.  There is no activities or seating areas inside.  We are not doing food packages at this time, you can eat at home and come for the rides.  You can bring your own picnic lunch and use a outdoor picnic table. No BBQ's or cooking devices allowed for Birthday Parties.  When bringing your own food we ask that you clean up after and bring home your boxes.  Will still offer cool treats like slushies, packaged icecream, bottle drinks.  Sorry no Pinata's or silly string allowed in the park.


Kids Party Rates

You get 3 Main Activities for Kids are:1 Round of Mini-Golf(18 holes),1 Bumper Boats Ride  & 1 Go-Karts (choose from Wildcat, Double, Rookie or Mini Go-Karts)

Bumper Boats & Go-Kart Rides are approx. 5 minutes long.  Mini-Golf usually takes between half hour to 45 minutes.

All prices are per person and include tax.

Birthday Packages Cost
3 Main Activities(1 Mini-Golf Game, 1 Go-Kart Ride, 1 Bumper Boat Ride)  $15.00
Add 1 more Main Activities  $20.00
Add 2 more Main Activities  $25.00
Add 3 more Main Activities  $30.00


 Add Castle Clash Water Game to any package for $2.00 more per person

 Add Water Wars Balloon Bomb Game to any package for $2.00 more per person 

Our Attractions
photo_1Sprint Go-Karts
photo_6Formula Go-Karts
photo_8Bumper Boats
photo_7Bumper Cars
photo_9Double Bumper Boats
photo_5Double Go-Karts
photo_2Mini Go-Karts
photo_17Mini Golf
photo_3Rookie Go-Karts
photo_4Wildcat Go-Karts
photo_10Jump Shot Trampoline
photo_11Spaceball Trampoline
photo_13Castle Clash
photo_15Air Cannons
photo_12Batting Cages (10 pitches)
photo_16Water Wars Balloon Bomb
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